• Daily cleanser for removing heavy makeup easily.
  • Spa cleanser with natural aroma oil.
  • Botanical ingredients included for efficient cleansing.
  • Balm - Oil - Milk, 3 Step transformation texture.

How to use?

1. Use spatula to scoop a small amount of the balm and massage over dry skin, add a splash of tepid water and massage again.
2. Continue the process until the cleanser is rinse off thoroughly.

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Total convert!

Alex Broadbent on 20th Jul 2018

It's only in the last year or so that I've been double cleansing after finding this amazing product. It's the best for quickly and easily removing a full face or make-up and grime. I have sensitive allergy prone skin and have had zero reaction from this cleanser. I have also used it to clean exceptionally dirty make up brushes and sponges to great effect!

The best!

Jo on 16th Jun 2018

So effective at taking off makeup and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. It washes off easily and doesn't leave a greasy film on my skin. I've repurchased this cleansing balm multiple times and I can't see myself ever replacing it in my routine!

Best cleansing balm

Veronica on 4th Apr 2018

This is a great cleansing balm. It goes smoothly on the skin and melts away all traces of make-up. I have dry and sensitive skin and I never had an issue with this cleansing balm. Highly recommended.

Double cleasing

carmen on 27th Oct 2017

Best clean balm ever!!!! love this product, take off all makup