1. How do I order? 

- To order, simply just search for your product(s) that you would like to buy.

- Then "add to cart", and check out through paypal. It should automatically direct you through paypal, then you can choose the method of payment. You dont need to have a paypal account to pay, you can just type your card details in. 

2. How do I pay for the item(s) I want? 

We currently accept payments through Paypal, Credit cards, Paypal still allows you to pay for things without opening a PayPal account. So to pay for your items, just simply follow the link that opens up in the checkout page after finishing with your shopping. If there are any inquiries, please fill in the box on the bottom of the page for more info, or email us directly at sales@bitsandbobsofbeauty.co.uk. 

3. I've changed my mind with my order, is it too late to cancel and request for a refund? Or can I exchange my item for something else? 

At bitsandbobsofbeauty, we appreciate every opinion and views that our customers can give us, so therefore we do allow our customers to cancel their order, or even refund. To do this, please contact us by filling in the box on the bottom of the page. Please state what you would like, whether you want to exchange, refund or cancel your item, we welcome all opinions. 

Any item(s) purchased from us are normally dispatched within 48 hours, so of course, if you decide that you do not want your item(s) anymore or wish to exchange then please get in contact with us as soon as possible so that we can cancel/exchange your order. If your item(s) are dispatched, then you will have to wait until you receive the item(s) and get in contact with us within 5 working days.

When returning the item(s), we recommend that the delivery company used must have tracking. Refunds will not be issued until we have received the item(s) undamaged and unopened, so during the time of sending it back to us, the item(s) are in your responsibility. 

Any item(s) that have been used or not in it's original packaging will not qualify for any refund, exchange or returns. 

International Shipping:
28 Working Days

4. How long would it take for me to receive my order?

Normally, as soon as your order is placed it can take up to 48 hours for dispatch. But orders made before 2pm on any working day will be dispatched on the same day. Our courier company used takes 3-5 days until it will reach you. 

Europe: 5 - 10 Working Days (sometimes this time can take longer due to delays)

5. Where do you ship to and how much does it cost? 

UK Mainland:  Free Delivery orders over £30. 

International: Free Delivery orders over £80

6. I want to buy a product, but it is out of stock. When would it be back in stock? 

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused, but it should take around 14 days to restock anything that is temporarily out of stock. If you would like updates of when your product(s) is back in stock, you can contact us and request be informed when your product(s) will be in stock again. 

We aim to restock as quickly as possible and any product(s) that are discontinued will be removed off our website.

7. Where can I find the expiration date?

Date on the product can be EITHER the manufactured date OR the expiration date.
If you see the Korean word "제조," then it is the manufactured date.

If you see the Korean word "까지," then it is the expiration date.

8. I have literally just paid for my purchase, and now it says one of my item(s) are out of stock. What does this mean? 

Unfortunately, this only happens when one of your purchased item(s) have just literally been brought by someone else, which means they it just went out of stock not long before you added your item(s) into your shopping cart. You will still be charged for it through PayPal, but we will issue you with a refund as soon as possible. 

9. I have received my order but it is damaged, what can I do? 

Once you have received your order, it is your responsibility to inspect the delivered goods and if there are any problems, you must get in contact with us within 5 working days. We want you to be totally satisfied with your order, however we understand if a product does not meet your expectations. We will always do our best to ensure that your product(s) arrives directly to you in perfect condition. Unfortunately, the shipping services cannot provide 100% perfect deliveries. Please understand that some uncertainties, mistakes and special circumstances could occur. We will do our best to resolve any issues.  

10. I am not happy with your service, I want to make a complaint. How can I do that? 

To make a complaint, you can simply just fill in the box on the bottom of the page, or you can email us at sales@bitsandbobsofbeauty.co.uk. We will reply to you as soon as possible to try and resolve the matter.