Easy to use, anywhere & everywhere, the One Step Pimple Clear Pad is designed for on-the-go emergencies and made with all-natural ingredients to reduce the irritations while deeply penetrating the pores to clear unwanted gunk to transform your skin into the beautiful, flawless being you are.

Step 1. Embossed side | Exfoliates / Regulates sebum production / Removes impurities 
Step 2. Smooth side | Hydrates / Promotes smoother skin / Improves facial skin texture

How to use?

1. After cleansing, gently wipe the face with one pad, avoiding the eye area. 
2. When using for specific target areas such as the forehead, nose, or chin, be careful not to irritate other parts and try to lightly wipe at only the oily or troublesome area. 
3. After use, make sure the lid is screwed on tightly so the solution doesn’t dry. 
4. Do not wash off, and continue with your normal makeup routine

(Up to 3 times use per day is recommended : 1-2 times use per day is recommended for dry skin or for teenagers.)


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