Tony Moly Runaway Strawberry Seeds 3-Step Nose Kit

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1. Nose pack that takes care of pore impurities and blackhead cleanly
2. Blackhead kit that soothes stimulated skin by blackhead care

[Step 1]
1. Blackhead mask that pure cotton sheet melts sebum and blackhead of pore
2. Contains witch hazel and sage leaf extract
3. Transparent watery essence type of texture
4. Strawberry milk scent

[Step 2]
1. Sticker type of nose pack that removes blackhead and dead skin
2. Contains line extract and lemon extract

[Step 3]
1. Pore tightening mask that soothes clean and adjusted pores and leaves refreshing finish
2. Contains aloe vera leaf extract and green tea extract
3. Essence type of texture
4. Strawberry milk scent

How to use?
1. After cleansing, fit Step 1 to the nose tightly and remove after 15-20 minutes
2. Soak around the nose and remove transparent film of Step 2 pack with dry hands. Fit to the nose tightly
3. After Step 2 nose pack, remove white film of Step 3 and fit to cared area.
4. Remove after 5-10 minutes and pat the remainder essence for absorption