Maskingdom Red Riding Hood Mask Box Set (5 Pieces)

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Maskingdom Red Riding Hood Mask Box Set (5 Pieces)

Maskingdom uses natural Japanese silk which is skin-friendly (SGS skin test certified, safe for sensitive skin) and highly permeable, aiding absorption into your skin. They promise to deliver high quality natural ingredients, absolutely green and safe so all masks are free from parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrance and animal ingredients.

Contains 5 face masks.

Apply after facial cleansing. Use one or twice a week. Store in room temperature and avoid sunlight.

Ultimate truffle wine mask - Collect high quality wine and precious white truffle. Promotes cuticle renewal and lightens the complexion. Makes the skin radiant and smooth.

Ultimate truffle honey mask - An exclusive formula including precious white truffle and organs acacia honey, can quickly absorbed and keeping moisture to help soften and hydrate skin all day.

Ultimate truffle boletus mask- Made by white truffle and A Grade wild boletus eludes, for increase kin firmness and elasticity, diminishes the fine lines and helps restore skin.

Ultimate truffle black pearl mask - With several precious ingredients such as white truffle and black pearl, helps pore constringency, restrains oil secretion, and making the skin smooth and delicate.

Ultimate truffle & chocolate mask - Collect precious white truffle and high quality chocolate polyphenols. Not only enhance skin activation but also prove skin energy, nutrition and make firming.

How to use?

1. Open the packet and unfold the mask.
2. Peel the mask of the plastic sheet.
3. Press the mask gently with finger-tips to set in place over the face.
4. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
5. Remove the mask and massage excess essence into skin.
*Do not rinse off.